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Connecting with other women allows you to heal, be seen, and grow. Learn how to mother yourself while helping others along their path.

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Giuliana Ferreira Benzclient

I had an incredible coaching experience with Mandy, she was fast, intuitive, accurate and would answer all my questions in a way that made me feel more empowered. She had great insights, very open minded with great recommendations and ideas. I’m happy to recommend her service to any person that’s seeking for coaching, I feel very lucky to have met such a nice person like her.

Michelle Woodscoach

Mandy is an amazing coach. I had the privilege of working with her over the last few months. She is attentive, kind, and a great listener. She is also light hearted and funny. She exemplifies all the qualities in a great coach. Don't hesitate to contact her. She will without a doubt help you along in your journey.

Tia Ballouclient

After meeting with you, I implemented your suggestions for my resume, linked in, and cover letter. I am happy to say I have accepted a position in the city I was looking for and am starting next week. I honestly can't thank you enough for all your help!

Jessica KasinoffCircle Participant

Mandy is an exceptional leader! She is intelligent, creative, and has the skill to validate participants while holding focus and setting boundaries. Mandy's warmth & sense of humor helped me to feel welcome in the group, even on Zoom. I am grateful for her offerings.

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December 10th Online Women’s Circle

Ever wondered what an online women’s circle is like? Join us for this event where you can learn about how they work, connect with a group of women, and engage in discussion with us. Unlike our topical Divine Within circles, this event doesn’t have a pre-set curriculum but allows you to dip your toe into the …

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