A new job title for this coach – Dream Doula

This month I spent some time in my hometown visiting with my family and helping care for my 18-month-old nephew, who is both mobile and precocious. This has been a beautiful reminder of the harried but cuddly toddler years, which are long gone for me now that my son is 13. I don’t miss diapers by any means, but it’s nice to relive the cheek-pinching times with someone else’s LO.

Creation and Nurturing of Your Babies

There are a number of parallels between the process of childbirth/child rearing and the process of creation in your personal life or career. Like childbirth, the birthing of an idea and ushering it to life takes the energy and concentration of your whole psyche. The inspirations take up residence in your brain, bouncing against the chores and to-do’s cobwebbing the valuable space. Those seeds of creation take energy to remain sparked and bravery to move forward, lest what you create is not as perfect as you had pictured.

What Does It Take to Make a Dream Come to Life?

  • Managing Your Physical and Mental Health
  • Balancing your Energy and Inspiration – Natural Cycles of Abundance and Lack
  • Believe that you will reap what you create and intend
  • Supportive Community, Bravely Asking for Help
  • Birthing via a Labor of love and then…
  • Getting ready to present the baby (show your precious art or creation to the world, despite the possible judgement)
  • Preparing to let your baby go walk on its own…

A new working job title I’m trying on:

Dream Doula

dream doula, woman with closed eyes working with energy

Why? Because I love to help you lovelies bring your dreams to life. 

When was the last time you invented a job title? What is stopping you from being more creative about your career?

Job Description:

A creative, intuitive guide, who listens intently to the symbols and desires of your heart and unconscious. She teaches you how to read the tea leaves of your heart. She shares practices that can heal you and tap you into the intuitive powers of nature and the universe.

Could You Use the Help of a Coach?

  • Life feels boring and monotonous?
  • You don’t want to do what you’ve been doing but aren’t sure what the next move should be.
  • You have experience but aren’t sure what you are qualified to do.
  • You’re overwhelmed from caring for everyone else and ready to refocus on your own needs.
  • You want to commemorate a special event in your life

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Mandy Steinhardt, a Raleigh career and life coach, empowers women to break free from "good girl" syndrome and reclaim their power. Through one-on-one coaching and supportive women's circles, she helps them heal from past hurts, rediscover their strength and beauty, and create a life filled with purpose and balance. Whether you're feeling lost or uninspired, she's here to guide you to the career, pay and lifestyle that is perfect for you.

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