Mandy Steinhardt – Women’s Life Coach in Raleigh, NC

I help overwhelmed, stressed out women take back their power and find better balance through healing with other women and reconnecting with the divine feminine.

raleigh women's coach mandy steinhardt

I am a life coach in Raleigh, NC for overworked women ready to abandon their “good girl” identities and claim their true power, whether at work, home, emotionally, or all of the above. With almost 15 years under my belt, I know my way around the corporate world, having worked for several Fortune 500 companies. I’m a volunteer career coach for Dress for Success, and I received my coaching training at the Raleigh Coaching Academy.

I help women learn self-healing skills, which help in healing from the traumas of patriarchy and the effects of doom-scrolling and isolation. I employ a holistic approach to personal coaching. I help women connect to each other through women’s circles, developing confidence and trust in themselves so they can overcome any obstacle in their path. Women’s circles are a modern version of Indigenous traditions from all corners of the globe based on mutual respect and listening.

As an intuitive certified life coach in Raleigh, NC, I aim to encourage women to embrace their strength, rediscover their beauty, and create a life they love. Through my one-on-one personal coaching and advanced mastermind “self-healing” programs, I’ve assisted many women in identifying and achieving their life goals, establishing positive routines that increase their chances of success, and overcoming self-limiting beliefs. If you’re a woman in your forties feeling lost and uninspired, my life coach services Raleigh, NC can help you rediscover your sense of purpose, find a new path in life, and nurture your spirit.

After receiving so much from my participation in a women’s circle, I decided to spread that healing energy to other women by becoming a facilitator. My personal life experiences give me the unique ability to heal, guide, and inspire my clients through pure intuition. The approaches implemented throughout the process allow rapid transformation while maintaining steady growth.

What I Can Offer You

  • Life coach services Raleigh, NC with an emphasis on finding and implementing solutions
  • Set you in the right direction with career coaching services
  • Develop your sense of self-worth and confidence
  • Connect you with other women and learn together while becoming friends
  • Teach women’s spiritual medicine for self-love and self-worth
  • Direct you in creating a plan to address triggers and minimize distraction and multi-tasking
  • Strengthen your body and mind and connect you with your intuition
  • Assist in regaining command of your life by helping you get organized
  • Get involved in something you’re genuinely enthusiastic about
  • Learn to maintain healthy habits, starting one step at a time


To help women discover their unique life’s calling, harness their inner strength, accomplish their ambitions, and live the lives of their dreams.

Map and Compass

Why Choose Me As Your Life Coach?

Help you connect with yourself

My clients have benefited from my one-of-a-kind approach to coaching because I help them reawaken their sense of inner strength and authenticity. By offering high-quality life coaching services near me, I educate my clients on how to connect to their inner-selves and be more decisive in their professional and personal lives with my career coaching services. 

Find a New Perspective on Life

It’s tough to find hope if you’ve had a lot of bad luck recently, and it seems like nothing you try works out. But, by employing tried-and-true strategies for personal development, I may assist you in seeing things in a fresh light. Using my holistic life coaching services near me, I will help you stop focusing on what’s wrong and start working on a solution. When you take the time to examine your things, you gain insight that can help you make positive changes in your life.

Tune in to Your Values and Your Soul

Whether you belief in a specific personal god, universal consciousness or nothing in particular, it’s important to incorporate spirituality, the devotion and dedication of your effort towards your life’s purpose. Your soul exists to direct of your physical and emotional bodies toward a mission, living the embodiment of your values.

Improve Self Confidence

Through goal-setting and encouragement, I assist women in becoming more self-assured in themselves. Doing something challenging for the first time boosts your self-assurance. Doing things that scare you makes you a stronger, more courageous person. When you have more faith in yourself, you can take advantage of more chances in your personal and professional life.

 Self-Analysis and Shadow Work

As your life coach online, I can assist you in recognizing your strengths and areas for improvement. Creating an inventory of strengths and triggers, and a strategy for dealing with triggers, is something I can assist you with. To improve your sense of personal tranquility, it is helpful first to identify situations that cause you consistent stress or areas where you have trouble with boundaries. I can help you uncover your hidden motivations and re-establish .

Enhance your mental, physical, and emotional soul health with an expert coach to follow the right path!