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Are you Doomscrolling When You Need to be Grounding?

There are a number of symptoms I associate with modern living…

tendency to doom-scroll
Netflixing many hours of British Baking Show
the desire to make extensive lists of chores and then crossing items off
the desire to own a bullet journal
desire to organize the pantry and label every item within
filling many online carts with expensive goods or clothes that might make life more comfortable. 
descending into the never-ending streams of social feeds


All of these cravings are simply different ways to try to tackle that chaos of anxiety and overwhelm. The problem with them is that they only make you feel better in the short term and some of them make you feel worse both now and later.

Zoning Out

On one hand it is tempting to treat the anxiety of living a modern life by zoning out. Dissolving into the couch for hours of thoughtless entertainment and throw blanket snuggles doesn’t sound so bad. And there are certainly times that we need that rest.

Unfortunately, excessive media can bombard us with click-bait, emotional, judgy headlines, and unrealistic body images.


The other tempting coping strategy is to organizing the hell out of our life in an attempt to control everything. It can be satisfying to carve out a portion of your home to beautifully label and contain the chaos. But it won’t solve your problems of overwhelm either.

Ground and Reconnect to Yourself

I want to offer you some other methods to ground yourself and start a process of truly recharging vs coping.

  1. Spend time alone. You need time to yourself to reacquaint yourself with what it is you desire in life. Without this, the needs of others drown out what our needs are and our intuitive wisdom has no outlet. This time should be for meditating, journaling, and reflection and should not be filled with more media (even offline media)! I try to spend about an hour a day doing this, but at minimum aim for 15 minutes of meditation in the morning.
  2. Make a personal prescription list of things that calm you down and bring you back to yourself. The idea is to start off with small easy things and work your way up to commitments you can make and keep for yourself that are larger.

Personal Rx

My mental health prescription for times when I am stressed or triggered includes:

  • Drink a cup of tea
  • Go for a walk
  • Take a bath
  • Ask hubby to take on more chores than usual so I can rest
  • Burn a candle or some fragrance in the diffuser
  • Have coffee with a friend
  • Vent on phone to sister
  • Shop at the fancy grocery store
  • Pamper myself with pastries

Now that I am a second-degree self care artist my list has expanded:

  • Personal rituals
  • Time at my ancestor altar
  • Working on my family genealogy
  • Tennis matches
  • Solo hikes
  • CBD (10% off with code MANDY21, affiliate link)
  • Baking family recipes or complicated bread
  • Acts of kindness for others – volunteering
  • Gardening
  • Identifying birds with the bird app
  • Dreaming and visioning about my future


It takes commitment to move yourself from surviving to thriving. Each small step brings you closer back to yourself. My women’s circles and individual coaching can help you if you feel stuck and don’t know how to get balance. If you prefer to study on your own here are some books which I have found extremely helpful. Note that these are affiliate links to, where I personally shop because they donate one book for each one you buy. If you buy through these links you will support my blog.


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