December 10th Online Women’s Circle

womens monthly coach chat
Date December 10, 2023

Ever wondered what an online women’s circle is like? Join us for this event where you can learn about how they work, connect with a group of women, and engage in discussion with us. Unlike our topical Divine Within circles, this event doesn’t have a pre-set curriculum but allows you to dip your toe into the water to experience some healing practices, co-create space with other women who are looking for healing, and practice participating in a women’s circle.

These circles are for you if you

  • Are interested in having deeper conversations about women’s life experiences
  • Want a safe space for emotional healing and sharing
  • Find it hard to commit to in-person healing practices but can attend a Zoom call
  • Want to learn divine feminine practices for healing yourself
  • Miss the feeling of community with other women
  • Don’t feel comfortable at traditional churches
  • Want to honor your life’s natural cycles and the cycles of the moon

Are you tired of

  • Meeting up with other women but spending time complaining, comparing and judging?
  • Seeing other women spending time together on Facebook and feeling left out?
  • Doomscrolling and Netflixing your evenings away?
  • Feeling like you work so hard but your life isn’t going where you want it?
  • Saying yes to everyone else in your life except yourself?

I share a variety of practices to help you gain control over your life and cherish your Divine Within, including

  • Short grounding meditations
  • Poetry reading, music
  • Goddess and divine feminine history and education
  • I-Ching and Tarot readings
  • Time in Nature and Nature Ally learnings
  • Intention and Intuition work
  • Reading recommendations

Only $10, Circle limited to 15 women. Scholarships Available.