Lady Business Zoom Circle – Hack the Holidays

hack the holidays
Date November 10, 2023

Join me and some of my friends for a women’s circle. This month we’ll share our top tips and life-hacks for not just surviving but ROCKING the holidays! Each event, we’ll have short lesson on a business or life-hacking topic and some discussion. Get to meet the other ladies, ask the coach a question, or just sit tight and observe.

These casual discussions will include a sprinkling of

  • laughing, kvetching, cackling
  • women’s circle and sharing
  • helpful short lessons – Balance, Confidence, Healing Practices, Innovation and Creativity
  • quotes, meditations, music, practices

Who would go to something like this?

  • Are you stressed and overwhelmed feeling like it’s always up to you to take care of things?
  • Do you know what you really want in life anymore?
  • Frustrated with work and trying to figure out what’s next?
  • Looking for some like-minded friends to have real conversations with?
  • Want to learn from other women how they get things done or delegate?