how to make moonwater

How to Make Moon Water

People have been making moon water for at least a few hundred years. Although the precise origin is unclear, we can trace it back to at least the 1800’s. An American author by the name Felix Fontaine, published “Fontaine’s Golden Wheel Fortune Teller-Dream Book” in 1862. He had many books like this, that today would be considered New Age book. Older writings like this are a blast to skim though and look into the past. Inside you’ll find many tips on divination to find a husband, moon signs and dream interpretation symbols.

Being the most complete work on fortune-telling and interpreting dreams ever printed, containing an alphabetical list of dreams, with their interpretation, and the lucky numbers they signify. Also explaining how to tell fortunes by the mysterious golden wheel… How to tell future events by the lines of the hands… How to tell the temper and disposition of anybody, how to tell fortunes with tea leaves and coffee grounds, signs of the Moon’s age, lucky and unlucky days… and a complete language and signification of the flowers.

What is Moon Water?

moon water combines the power of the moon's energy with water
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Moon Water is a beautiful homemade elixir that any witch or spiritual person can use. It’s also super simple to make, as you’ll see! Both the flowing power of water and the moon are deeply connected to our divine feminine qualities. Together they are the very Ebb and Flow of our planet, just as women are to human-kind with their flexible empathetic natures.

Moon water combines the forces of water and the power of the moon, and can be used in a variety of ways depending on when it was made as well as the intentions that have been put into it. Check out my post on moon circles to learn how to gather with other women while observing the cycles of the moon.

How to make Moon Water

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Making Moon Water is simple and truly anyone can do it. First, you are going to select a glass container. If you don’t have glass, that’s alright, but if you intend on consuming your moon water or using it for pets or plants over an extended period of time, glass is preferable.

Second, fill your glass with water. Many witches like to take water from a stream nearby, but if you do intend on consuming it, you may also use spring or distilled water. Tap works in a pinch too!

Third, you should set your intentions. Your intentions may include qualities or goals you wish to manifest in your life, or perhaps things you wish to release or let go of in order to make room for something better. Different moon phases are linked to different types of intentions, so you should align with the moon phase for best results.

Lastly, and most important of course, is to set your container of water out overnight during whichever moon phase you have selected. In the morning, ensure the container is properly sealed, and
then save it or use it in whichever ways you’d like.

How do I know which Moon Phase is best for my intention?

Selecting the right time for any magickal working can be a challenge. Moon water is no different. While each Moon Phase holds its own unique abilities, any time could ultimately suffice.

However, if you want your moon water to be as potent as possible, it’s best to pay attention to the specific abilities of each phase. If you’d like to know more about each moon phase, you can go to this article about the impact of each moon phase, or read the Witches’ Almanac primer on the moon. And don’t forget those potent Eclipses! Bustle released an excellent article on eclipse water that you can check out to learn more.

moon phases for intentions
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Uses by Moon Phase:

  • Full Moon Water is best used for “big workings” such as releasing negative energies, cleansing, and gratitude work.
  • New Moon Water is most effective for shadow work, new beginnings, and personal development.
  • Waxing Moon Water is best used for workings related to creativity and inspiration.
  • Waning Moon Water is best when doing workings for forgiveness, letting go, and grounding.
  • Blue Moon Water is excellent when doing workings that relate to goals and ambitions.
  • Eclipse Water is more closely tied to wisdom, power, and divination.

How to Use Your Moon Water

How you use your Moon Water will greatly depend on what your intentions were when creating. A few examples could be to use it to make a facial toner, add it to a bath, use it in cleansing sprays for your home, or water and bless your plants. You may also decide to drink it with tea, or give it to a loved one who could benefit from its healing properties. There are truly countless ways to use it.

In the end, remember we are made of stardust, and we women are creatures of the moon. You hold an entire universe within you, and how you decide to use that power is up to you.


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