“Mandy helped me to be at peace in my own skin and regain my confidence”

I’m sad to see our sessions come to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed Mandy’s coaching style. Because I was going through a job search, these sessions were timely and useful. They came at a time that I felt scattered, stressed, and anxious. During my job search, I applied for nearly 200 jobs and was panicked about what I wanted to do, and my outdated skill set. Mandy helped me see some things that I wasn’t noticing – and through her support, I developed some helpful techniques to get through the job hunt process. She helped me find myself again to be at peace in my own skin and regain my confidence. We worked on magical things like my meditation center, lucky shamrock and troll garden, mind and body connection, and activating my power energy when I start to feel the fear of “not being enough”.

Mandy immediately sets people at ease; she is gentle, comfortable, and encourages the client to play and explore. Mandy has a strong connection with who she is and is aware and conscious of the present moment, such great qualities for a coach! Mandy is respectful of others and herself. She shows compassion and empathy. She emanates a strong sense of trust.

Diana Gclient