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Worm Moon: The Beautiful Full Moon of March 7, 2023

The full moon has always had great significance for our human civilization. If you take a look at history, you will realize that almost all ancient cultures considered the full moon sacred. To them, it was a symbol of divinity, fertility, and abundance.

ancient peoples honor the full moon

The ancients were also aware of the fact that the energies on our planet and within us experience a certain surge during a full moon night. As such, it is not surprising that many rituals, festivals, and celebrations have a history of being observed during full moons. Fortunately, this tradition was passed down through the generations and millions of people still recognize and reap the benefits of such an important celestial event at events such as moon circles.

As we bid adieu to the harsh winter and welcome the much-awaited spring, it is time to prepare for another full moon: the Worm Moon of 2023.

The Worm Moon Is Coming Soon!

As we approach the spring equinox, you can probably smell the scent of renewal in the air. It’s that time of the year when things begin to take a brighter turn and life starts to spread its wings again. One event that marks this change is the Worm Moon.

This year, the Worm Moon will grace the sky on March 7, 2023. If you’re looking to make the best of this time, you should probably learn about the spiritual meaning of the Worm Moon and what you can do to honor this powerful lunar event and connect with the energy it brings.

What Is The Worm Moon?

worm moon worm emerges in spring

To put it simply, the Worm Moon is the full moon that appears in March. Although nobody can say for sure why it is called the “worm” moon, the most popular theory states that it is named after the worms that emerge from the thawing ground as the weather begins to warm.

Some people also call this moon the Sap Moon, as this is the time when maple sap starts to flow. Also, in some Native American cultures, the worm moon is linked to the return of the robin, which is considered the messenger of spring. The Pueblo people call this March moon the Wind Strong Moon, due to the increase of windy days at this time of year.

Regardless of how and where its name came from, this moon is considered a time of renewal and rebirth. Mother nature herself gives us this message as she starts coming back to life during this period.

What Should You Do During A Worm Moon

Different full moons have different significances. When it comes to the Worm Moon, astrology tells us that it is time for us to let go of what is no longer serving us. This is an important message that we should all take to heart. As we all know, life involves a lot of trials, where you are constantly trying to see if something works or not. The only problem is that we often get too attached to things, people, and situations, or even a specific outcome to a problem.

So, the Worm Moon comes as a reminder that there is no use holding on to something if it doesn’t lead to your growth and advancement. Such a thing will only hold you back and prevent you from manifesting your full potential as a human being.

how to make moonwater
Moon Water

Also, spiritually, this is a great time to set intentions and manifest your desires. The energy of the Worm Moon can help you shed old patterns and beliefs, and make way for meaningful transformations. It will ensure that you are thoroughly cleansed on a spiritual level so that you can begin a journey of renewal.

Some people also take advantage of the full moon in order to create moon water.

So, use this time to meditate, re-energize with self-care, connect with your intuition, and seek guidance from the divine.

What Does The Full Moon Represent In Divine Feminine

The full moon has always been associated with the divine feminine. Whether it is writers, poets, filmmakers, healers, or psychics, everyone has looked at the moon as a powerful symbol of the divine feminine.

A full moon also marks the pinnacle of the lunar cycle. As such, it represents the full manifestation of the previous cycle. So, this period is often viewed as the perfect time to count your blessings, self-reflect, and venture deep into your intuition. It’s a time when you tap into your own inner divinity and do some intuitive planning in your life. For instance, a lot of people use this night to decide what they need to let go of over the next two weeks as the moon starts to wane.

divine feminine lunar cycle

Why Women May Want To Honor The Cycles of The Moon

As women, we are intimately connected to the cycles of the moon. Our bodies, like the tides, are influenced by the waxing and waning of the lunar cycle. By honoring the cycles of the moon in our daily lives, we can tap into our innate wisdom and power. Also, it serves as a gentle reminder that life itself is cyclic in nature.

cycles of the moon

Women can also use the moon’s energy to guide themselves on their spiritual journey. When we acknowledge and get in touch with the cycles of the moon, we’re able to grow our awareness of the divine feminine. This helps us connect with our intuition and manifest our deepest desires. It also helps us live in greater harmony with our surroundings and within ourselves.

Also, honoring the cycles of the moon helps us tune into the present moment. It allows us to understand that life is a series of ups and downs and there is no use worrying about the future or regretting the past. It can remind you that everything is cyclic and you are meant to simply enjoy the journey.

So, use this full moon night to embark upon a journey of spiritual renewal, growth, and transformation. Connect with the energy of the Worm Moon and shed old patterns and beliefs. Venture deep within yourself and cultivate a strong connection with your inner self. May the Worm Moon bless us all with its light and wisdom.

Honor the Moon at a Women’s Circle

Join a women’s moon circle and honor the moon with other women, online! I’m hosting one on March 7th, 2023.

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